Compressors Comparison Test 6.4 (November 2002)
YBS (high-performance blocksorting compressor)
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by Yoockin Vadim

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New compressors:
compressia 0.99 BWT+Ari
slim 11 PPM*
uharc 0.5 (non public) PPM/LZP/LZ+Ari
enc 0.12 PPMII
ybs 0.03f BWT+Ari
sbc 0.969 BWT+Ari
rar 3.10b PPMII/LZ+Huf

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Tared sources (Watcom C 10.0 examples) [view] [view]


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Archivers Comparison Test Chart Applet by Hard Wisdom (Vladimir Kalashnikov)

YBS (blocksorting compressor)

YBS is a high-performance archiver based on Burrows-Wheeler Transform and distance coding modelling. It's quite fast even on skew data and achives high compression ratio.

  • DOS version (60kB)
  • Win-32 version (43kB)
  • 22.09.2002: version 0.03f. I remember my compressor :)
    - fixed bug appearing while compressing with maximum block size 16Mb (thanks to Sebastian and Szymon).
    - compression ratio is slightly improved

    25.09.2000: version 0.03e
    - fixed DJGPP 2.01 memory allocation bug in DOS version
    - improved sorting of files like kennedy.xls

    Thanks to
    Edgar Binder - for describing me distance coding algorithm,
    Szymon Grabowski - for text tricks (I don't implemented yet :) and testing,
    Aleksandr Ratushnyak, Dmitry Shkarin, Eugene Shelwien, Sebastian Deorowicz, Vladimir Trutnev - for testing.

    I'll be appreciative for suggestions and bug reports.
    e-mail to